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The act of lifting weights has always been closely associated with many of life’s struggles; When the weight pushes you down you force your way back up just like when the weight of life brings you down you must dig deep and fight your way back to the top. Every member of our team embodies this concept, when the heaviness of life or that weight on the barbell is staring you down you must look within yourself, rise to the challenge, and Face the Bar. We challenge you, just like we challenge ourselves daily to rise to the difficulties of life and to not choose the easy or convenient path, but instead to follow the much less traveled and much more rewarding path to your own personal greatness.


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Alternative Marathon Training

This week I sat down with Scot Gubbels, a Junior in College who has a background in a variety of fitness modalities, to talk about his experience training for a marathon this past summer in a very unusual manner. I hope you enjoy!

Danny: So tell us a little about

How Much Should You Be Eating?

How Much Should You Be Eating?
With my latest article, I’m going to briefly discuss nutrition.  I am completely aware that discussing this topic usually sparks up some arguments between different beliefs, but I’m strictly expressing my opinions and thoughts on what I’ve experienced and what methods

Fact or Myth in the Athletic Training World

In today’s world with technology at our finger tips one wouldn’t think that there would be too many wise tales still floating around.  To get an answer from one’s cell phone is one voice command away from a Siri response.  However, in the world of sports medicine